Saturday, August 1, 2015

Appreciation for On-Going Support but with a change in Direction

Appreciation for On-Going Support but with a change in Direction
In October 2008 the Ontario Provincial Chaplaincy was launched.  The purpose was pray and for the Members of the Provincial Parliament of Ontario.

Part of the Ontario Provincial Chaplaincy has been to post a daily Blog with the names of each MPP of Ontario. This Blog was regularly updated until May 2014 – with a total of 1547 posts being recorded.

Appreciation for the prayers posted was high from the MPPs who took time to express this.  I am thankful that this work was and is deemed important by these folks who have given so much to their work for the people of Ontario. They were the reason that we have done all of this.

Support from the Faith Community however was not in place.  Odd as that may seem, prayer for Politicians is not easily obtained. It may well be happening in certain areas for which we are very thankful. Connecting this Blog posting to their Faith World wasn’t too successful.

As a point of interest for today... the following JPG image shows the Stats for Visitors to the Blog as of August 1, 2015. The graphic shows Canada with 1 view... and Russia with 119 and Germany with 42.  Very interesting to say the least...

So with this post today we are assuring the readers that prayer will continue for the leadership of Ontario.  Taking time to mention all the names and the positions, places and work that each MPP does will be discontinued on this Blog.

If you are interested in the Ontario Parliament and the individual members please click on the this link

You will find and extensive list of each of the present elected members. Clicking on the name(s) will take you to valuable information including contact info and what the MPP does for our Province.

We do pray that each MPP of Ontario will be blessed by God in every way that may be needed. Without reservation we support our leadership in the Ontario government.

If you as an MPP would like to contact us please use these email addresses - or

Murray Lincoln

Ontario Provincial Chaplain

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